Family-Based Youth Ministry

Family Based Youth MinistryYouth ministry has got to be about more than catchy slogans and energetic youth directors.

Family-Based Youth Ministry (FBYM) is about accessing the God-designed structures of the nuclear family and the extended family of the church to help young people grow toward mature Christian adulthood.

Through writing, trainings and transition coaching, Mark DeVries and his consultant team, Ministry Architects, help churches move strategically toward implementing a thriving model for youth ministry.

FBYM began in the early 1990s, when Mark DeVries began to devise a system targeted at bringing families together within the church body.

Today, FBYM is one of the most successful models for youth ministry in America. Rather than trying to find the perfect youth leader, FBYM helps churches implement a youth ministry and structure that any youth leader can learn. In this way, the ministry stays on course, regardless of how many different youth leaders pass through your church’s doors.

Mark and his consultants will come to your church as speakers, consultants or just as listeners to hear about your ministry needs. FBYM helps implement youth programs that are specifically tailored for each, individual church’s needs.

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